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Researchers made a medical wearable using a pencil and paper – Engadget

Cheap paper and pencil-based medical wearables could one day replace expensive health monitors.




Moreover, the fact they used paper doesn’t seem to have limited the type of wearables they could create. The team says there’s the potential to make devices that monitor things like a person’s temperature and glucose level. What’s more, the sensors can work in real-time and provide robust data.
The benefits of a pencil and paper-based health monitors are two-fold. The first is that the materials needed to create them are inexpensive and readily accessible. Unlike plastic and some of the other things we currently make medical wearables from, they also degrade quickly. The researchers see a future in which people use the technology to get personalized home care. It could also help with remote research, especially during a crisis like we see now with the coronavirus pandemic. 
The usual caveats that accompany any recent research project apply here. It could be years before the team that invented the technology finds a way to commercialize it. They say their next step is to do more testing of the biomedical components.

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